The lotus flower is created in the steps that I'll mention below. (I'll insert more pictures next) I recommend using paper larger then usual to make this origami, as it fold onto itself a lot and the end result is a lot smaller then the original. A nice huge one would probably be used with newspaper, which is what I generally make mine with. Because it folds onto itself so often, even the thin paper of newspaper can be used for this project.

1. Blintz fold all the corners into the center.

2.Again, fold all the corners to the center
in the same direction as before. It will look essentially the same as the way it did before, but it'll be smaller.

3. Fold all the corners in once more in the same direction. I promise this will be the last time you repeat this step.

4. Fold all the corners in blintz base style........ in the other direction!

5. Steps 5 through ?? will be further explained when I have pictures, since my linguistic skills find it hard to describe.