The Angle Box is a clever Box that is uses different perliminary folds than some boxes.

Author is currently unknown.

Step 1- Make all diagnol creaces.

Step 2- Make kite folds on the right side of all corners.

Step 3- At this point you can see a square in the middle of the paper. Hold the paper in front of you so that the top flat side of the square is facing up. Fold the bottom right corner (now only bottom corner ) to where two kite folds meet up directly above the corner.

Step 4- Unfold and repeat Step 3 on all sides.

Step 5- Fold one of the corners to the place it was is Step 3 or 4.

Step 6- Make sure the paper is in position for this instruction. Take bottom left corner and craece it to both vertical creaces to the right of the corner. Make sure that that bottom corner is foled up against th vertical creaces.

Step 7- Unfold everything. Flip over paper and make sure that the bottom corner that was on the bottom left last step is on the bottom right now. Fold that bottom flap up again and make the creace on this side.

Step 8- Repeat Steps 6 and 7 on all corners.

Step 9- You are now ready to form the box. Fold the origional (this does not matter it makes it easier to explatin) bottom flap up to a 90 degree angle. Manipulate the folds on the left to reverse the bottom flap on the left of the origional. Contine manipulating all the folds in a counter clockwise fashion ( you will be folding the fols around the paper colckwise but the fold are going counter clockwise.) until you get the hang of it. If you can't get the last corner th work then start on that one because the others now are creaced better.

More information/pictures coming later.