The 365 days of folding is a special tradition in China where each sick person in a hospital is given 365 sheets of colored paper. The back of this paper contains instructions on how to make origami. It is believed that if the infected person can make all 365 papers of origami each day for 1 year, they will be healed.


These rumors stated in the Qin Dynasty when paper was invented. The times there were quite difficult, so the ruthless king Qin, made a rumor that if all sick people complete the task, they ill be healed by the gods.


The rumor spread incredibly fast. It still lives on today in America. If this rumor is true. Then scientists say it may cure cancer! These rumors stopped when a 6 year old girl believed this rumor when she had diabetes and died. This put a deadly silence on America. Only 500 copies of this origami set is left in the world.